Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas according to Caed

Caed got a digital camera for Christmas and documented his holiday. I think we may have a future photographer on our hands..Check out the album I created from his pics.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

St. Nicholas Day

This post is several weeks past due but better late than never. When Patrick and I first got married, his mom told me about a tradition that she wanted me to continue. On the night of Dec. 5th, I was supposed to put "treats" in his shoes. Sound crazy? Well, it's in honor of St. Nicholas day. He was a saint that was known for helping people in need. He would leave gold in their stockings that were hung at night to dry. This is where the idea of Santa- St. Nick, stockings, etc. come from. Many European countries celebrate St. Nicholas Day on the eve of Dec. 5th by leaving gifts in shoes/socks so that the rest of the advent season can be focused on the birth/gift of Jesus. I was very excited to learn about this tradition and even more excited to be the one to continue what my mother-in-law had started with Patrick and now with Caed.

"The following is a disclaimer: We don't think that Santa is bad. We just have a different take. (what else is new right?) We don't think that our way is best. It's just our way. Again: This was a disclaimer."

So here goes, we actually aren't teaching Caed about Santa, only St. Nicholas. Lots of people don't understand. They tell us to let him be a kid and enjoy the magic of Christmas. It just didn't feel right to us. I am very thankful for the chance to teach Caed that this season about the gift God sent, helping those in need and loving people. Before you want to stone us.....We aren't all bad- we do give him gifts. He gets 3 gifts that he knows are from me and Patrick. We are also teaching him that people pretend about Santa so that can play along and not end up ruining someone else's Holiday. Enjoy the pics from St. Nicholas day 08. Thanks Gramma Mary!