Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Great Toddler Challenge

Caed has been into games and puzzles and any other activity that gives him a challenge for quite some time. We are starting to learn that his behavior is directly related to being challenged. It seems that he has lots more "terrible twos" behavior on days that, to me, are wonderfully relaxing but to him, less engaging. So guess who is challenged now???? Patrick and I are making a much more direct effort to make sure we introduce new challenges to him every day, and he loves it! We've found tons of great ideas for crafts, games, and puzzles in blog land. I just have to remind myself, as I am on the couch, that I won't be able to enjoy that HGTV show anyway if he is screaming his head off :-) Most of the time that is enough motivation.
His latest favorite is sorting. We sort everything by shape, color, and any other attribute we can think of. The cool thing is that he suggests things to sort and ways to sort them that I would never think of. This parenting job really keeps you on your toes!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Did I mention bubble wrap....

a few posts back??? Something about wanting to wrap my Caed up in it to keep him safe???

Well, Patrick got in a shipment with massive amounts of bubble wrap included so we gave it a try. We also made a bubble wrap mountain to jump on, stomped and popped bubbles for hours, and did an art project- which actually turned out well. Caed painted the bumpy side of the bubble wrap, then we placed the paper on top like a stamp. Fun was had by all. You have got to love bubble wrap!!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Caed got a "boppy" thing!

From My Videos

What did you say???

I really enjoy the conversations that I have with Caed. He has always been such a talker. Patrick and I can't seem to get in a word, especially in the car. Here are some of the things he says that I want to make sure I remember....we are also recording him so we never forget his "baby" voice, laugh, etc.
1. lel-o (for yellow) and lel (for yell)
2. to-mah-yo (for tomorrow)
*can't say "y" in yellow/yell but substitutes the same sound for the "rr" in tomorrow????
3. oo-sic (for music)- he always leaves off the first syllable of that word, so bizarre
4. sink (for think)- anything with the "th" sound becomes an "s" sound

I'm sure there are more. I will add to the list as I think of them.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day 08

We enjoyed the long, 3-day weekend at the Wolfsohn household. We took a trip to Ikea to purchase a stool so that Caed can reach the bathroom sink. Our little guy is way into doing things like washing his hands and brushing his teeth with little to no assistance! We also watched a few movies, played with Caed (he loves our neighborhood playground) and of course, did some grilling with friends. Tons o' fun- check out our pics.