Saturday, January 31, 2009

We dodged the Chuck E. Cheese bullet as long as we could!

Caed was invited to Kennedie's birthday today at CEC (aka Hell on Earth). As much as I wanted to get out of it, she is one of his special friends at preschool so I knew we had to go. It was all I could do not to run screaming back to the car when we arrived at the entrance and saw a line extending around the side of the building to even get it! I will not even talk about what it was like inside, although the parenthetical note in the first line says it all. Caed had a great time, and it was really special to see how excited Kennedie was that he was there. I have prayed several times since we left that God would see fit to allow me never to have to return :-)
Dancing with Chuck E. Cheese!
The birthday girl!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Dad Fashion 101

This is what Caed looked like when I picked him up from school last Thursday afternoon. I usually don't see Caed in the morning. I leave the house around 7:25, and he sleeps until 8-8:30. Patrick takes care of him in the morning and gets him to preschool by 9:30. I pick him up after I leave school at 3:30. Usually his attire is not a surprise because I lay out his clothes the night before. Caed, like me, is not a morning person. I try to have everything for the morning taken care of the night before (for both of us actually) to make mornings a bit easier. Anyway, Wed. night I was exhausted so Patrick took care of cooking, cleaning the kitchen, bedtime routines, and school lunches. I know- he is wonderful. However, this explains the outfit. Notice the light-up sandals with socks!!! Nice, huh? These sandals are Thomas the Train. We actually bought them on summer clearance for Caleb because he loves Thomas. Then Caed decided that he LOVED them and had to have them. I know it was a secret plot to make me eat my words about never buying light-up shoes for my child. Anyway, they are even better with socks :-)

The Wolfsohn family....

This is the pic of our family that Caed drew on the kitchen cabinet chalkboard this weekend. From left to right: mom, dad, baby (small-up at the top), poppa, grammie and Caed.

Don't you just love the classic, octopus-like, kid drawing???

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

He's got an imagination- I'm a little scared!

Caed has reached the stage where his imagination works overtime! He can come up with the most amazing and entertaining stories and deliver them like an Emmy winner. Most of the time he tells these stories to be a part of whatever conversation is going on at the moment. The question is, at what point do we challenge/correct his imaginative tales?

Some of my favorites are about his kids- yes, kids! According to Caed, he has 5 kids. Some boys, some girls, and some babies. For months, he will tell us about taking care of his kids, "getting his kids in trouble", putting his kids to bed, etc........the latest happened on over the weekend. We spent Sat. morning thrift store shopping and then went by Krispy Kreme on our way home. Caed wanted a doughnut with sprinkles. So we ordered one for him. When it came, it had chocolate (a rare treat) icing and sprinkles. So he was in the back in his car seat, enjoying the doughnut when he started with "Guess what my kids said?" He proceeded to tell us that his kids had asked for a bite of his doughnut. He said that he told them they couldn't have any because it had chocolate icing. He explained that his kids couldn't have chocolate until they were very tall and 58 because it has caffeine- you know??

New Year's fun...

We had a great time ringing in 2009. The evening started with dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant which has become our tradition. Dinner was followed with a party fit for a 3 year old at our house: complete with noise makers, silly string, party hats made by Caed, a 2009 cookie cake, party drinks, and a neighborhood fireworks show. Caed couldn't stay awake past 10:30 as hard as he tried. Patrick and I watched the ball drop and then aged 10 years as we watched Robbie Maddison jump the L'Arc de Triomphe at Paris Las Vegas. Bring it on 2009!!!!