Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fun and games....

Caed's birthday party was full of both. We made an ant pinata using the old school paper mache technique. We designed it to be the pull string type b/c Caed chose it over the smash type. He said, referring to the smash type, that "the kid who smashes it is the only kid who smashes it". He point was made that he would rather all of his friends pull the ants legs off at the same time to get the candy to fall out. His friend Evan was a bit freaked out. Check out the video. He's the one in the orange sweatshirt.

One of the other games we played involved throwing bugs into a huge web. Caed was very excited that his bumblebee was the highest :-) You can see that one here.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Another year, another bug party!!!

So my little guy turned 4 and wanted a bug party to celebrate, just like last year. After putting forth much effort to change his mind, I realized (with the help of my husband) that it was his birthday party so the choice should be his. The "repeat party" turned out great. Our guests included friends, family, and some kids from Caed's preschool class. We had the party at our neighborhood playground/park. Aside from the ground being a little muddy from rain earlier in the week, it was perfect. Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate and pics for those who couldn't be there :-)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or treat....

Caedmon wanted to dress up as a butterfly this year :-) So we pulled together the most masculine version that we could come up with. He was a monarch butterfly. My saving grace was finding those yellow, white, and black wings in the thrift store. Millie had no request so I dressed her as a frog- just for cuteness sake. We don't really trick or treat. Caed has a blast dressing in his costume and passing out candy to all the kids that come to our door. We did take him over to G.G.'s house after we ran out of candy. Fun times :-)